Laggies (2014)


Laggies: A time-lagging comedy

Director: Lynn Shelton

Writer: Andrea Seigel

For those of you that don’t know, “Laggies” is about Megan, an aimless 20-something-year-old who doesn’t know what she wants from life but has a suspicion hanging out with the same friend group from high school and dating the same guy for 10ish years isn’t it. On the night of her major lame of a friend’s wedding, Megan’s corny boyfriend proposes to her and she escapes the situation only to end up buying booze for a group of high schoolers, Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) being the one to initiate the exchange. Megan decides to spend a week with Annika, even crashing at her house where she meets Annika’s father Craig (a charming Sam Rockwell), a lonely lawyer who also finds his profession hilarious.

This movie was cuteish. I say ish because it didn’t pull off cute in the way it intended. The dialogues were amusing but never really funny and the characters were quite superficial no matter how many mommy issues they tried to stuff into Annika. Megan and Craig’s relationship did not feel believable even though I enjoyed watching their kinda lame banter. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Sam Rockwell here because he was funny and absurdly direct, but the romantic angle felt rushed and disingenuous. Somewhat entertaining, but mostly just boring.

Now let’s get into this.

Just so you know, high school’s over

Laggies HBIC
Allison (Ellie Kemper) mid-lecture at a flaky Megan (Keira Knightley)

I like how Allison is styled to be a bitch. Who styles their hair like this? I’ll tell you: certified bitches. The weird thing about Allison was after she gives Megan so much shit for tweaking Buddha’s nipples and daring to make a joke at her bridal shower and missing the birth of her friend’s child (okay that one was a little bad…); she has a moment with Megan in which she tells her she’ll always be there for her or something? As if the weirdness of their last few interactions which must have been indicative of their relationship’s quality over the years, DIDN’T EVEN MATTER. Here’s a lesson in adulthood Megan: YOU CAN’T FIX WHAT YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT. Especially not with a bitch who thinks giving that look (^) in public is normal.

Kind of an interesting angle for a woman whose life is defined by her high school experience to give the whole thing another go with someone almost half her age. Is this some kind of hair of the dog solution? Like the “hangover cure” of gin, hot sauce and lemon Craig offered Megan after their night of wild drinking (some shots at an empty Mexican restaurant)?

On Craig’s Hair

Laggies Horrible HairWhat is this wispy nonsense? Who did the hair on this movie? I don’t actually want to look into that because I don’t want to shame them for doing their job, but goodness I don’t think they liked Sam Rockwell much.

Before we go…

  • Why is this movie’s poster so dark looking? This is a comedy! And I think Annika smoked weed once in the whole thing so what the hell.
  • I wrote close to no notes on this movie. Usually I have a page at least, but for this one I had one earth-shattering line: “Is Keira Knightley’s American accent intentionally annoying? Please say yes.” Done.

Rating (out of 10): 4

This movie didn’t interest me and it didn’t make me significantly laugh which I don’t know if you know this, is NOT a good thing for a movie marked as a comedy. I got some breathy chuckles (90 percent breath 10 percent chuckle) and some smiles from Megan’s immature antics and penchant for boxed wine, but she didn’t reel me in. The plot of Megan possibly peaking in high school, kinda revisiting her experience through a stranger then having her redeeming moment at prom did not speak to me on a plane higher than holy shit this is corny.  Pass.

Thank you for reading!

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