Read me first

Welcome to Legit Bull where everything I say about movies makes at least some sense! Thank you for visiting my humble site of often abstract opinions. I recognize you have other shit to do so thanks for making my bullshit some of your shit now too.

Now I want to set some ground rules with you if that’s all right. Just some stuff to keep in mind as you peruse.

First: Everything is up for discussion

I may talk a lot about a lot of things, but I recognize sometimes I make stretches. I over-think or my paranoia/cynicism seeps through my otherwise impeccable analyses so I need you to challenge me. Or correct me. Or enable me. Basically what I’m saying is ENGAGE. I know what I’m thinking, I’m more interested in what you are (as long as it’s respectful).

Second: Usually assume I’m joking

My analyses are not impeccable.


Every post operates on the assumption that if you are reading it, you saw the movie. Obviously, it’s okay if you haven’t seen it and you’re reading the post anyway; just know I’m going to spoil some stuff.

Horrible Bosses The Movie
Horrible Bosses (2011) One of the best moments in cinematic history.


I restate this because I love a good debate so don’t be afraid to share what you thought of the movie no matter what I say.

Finally, this site does not tolerate bigotry in any form.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy alllll my Legitimate Bullshit!

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